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Burrell Wagon 2021 - 2022

by Tony C, Mike B, Philip D 


Elaine Coulthard bought a Modelworks traction engine kit for her husband Les as a retirement present many years ago, but he only completed about 40% of it. In 2020, Elaine knowing Les would never finish his project persuaded him one day to part with it. They approached our society at the end of 2019

This is the second part to this story. With the Burrell traction Engine came a wagon kit. Although mostly there one part of the wood kit was missing ( Subframe ). We managed to source the parts for this and the wooden top was built by Tony C. 

Mike B sorted out all the metalwork for this kit and fixed it to the Wooden Trailer.

Phil D then dit the paintwork job on it lettering it up with stencil's made by Clive B.


This project has been undertaken by a team led by Tony C, Mike, B Phil D.

Below Pictures are as built.

Phil D now giving the Burrell a test run with the new wagon.

The new Water container has now been fitted


Using stencils made by Clive B, Phil gets to work on the Lettering


Lettering up the side panels L H M R