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Projects we have completed over the years


Scroll down our projects click on the picture to see how we did it


Low Level Track Sleeper Replacement 2024

Roanoak 5_edited.jpg

Roanoak Maintenance 2024


High Level Track Replacement
2023 - 2024


The final piece for fence on our site is from the lifter area to the tractor crossing or Santa Station

Santa Station Fence 2023

Stafford Loco 10 year Service 2023


Although we have owned this loco for 3 years The 10 years service was required.
Our dedicated team managed to take this loco out of service for just 4 months


SM32 Maintenance 2023


Its been 10 years since we first laied this part of the track. The wood beneath the track was now rotten. This took the track out of service for 4 weeks. The track was lifted and new wood base was put in.
+ Update in July 2023


Lifter Fencing 2022


The lifter fencing has taken the whole year to put in place. This will provide a safety fence around the loco lifters. Also now we don't have to put temporary fence around when we hold an event

Passenger Coach 2022


New Kickboard fitted to passenger coach stock


Burrell Wagon 2021-2022

This Wagon kit from Model Works is the second part of the story to our Burrell Traction Engine. Now complete with water container fully painted, Sign Writing and wagon load cover.


SM32 Maintenance Shed 2021

This shed was donated by one of our club members. It is now built by the SM32 layout. It is used to hold parts of the SM32 layout over winter and garden maintenance equipment.


Burrell Traction Engine 2020 - 21

A 4-inch Burrell traction engine with Wagon and Bowser made by Modelworks. This Part build kit was donated to the Society from Elaine & Les Coulthard.
Now ready for service in June 2021

008 L&B on test.jpg

L&B REA    New Build 2014 - 21

This has been a long project for the workshop team starting in 2014 to its near completion at the end of 2019. Due to COVID in 2020 the loco was locked away. Now in 2021 we hope to get a steam certificate in readiness for the AGM in July


Station Signalling 2020

These signals have been added to complement the existing system. Now we have 3 Signals for the 3 Platforms installed on the foot bridge at the B end of the station. This assists the safe release of trains on big event days.


Class 25 Loco 2019

Dave Osbourne was tasked with the build of this Loco. It was built to be used on the High Level track. For the use of members and for Birthday Parties.

Just as you turned into our site by the level crossing you went through a mud bath. Over the years we tried several way to keep this dry. We decided to make a new drive way with a porous surface,

Drive Way 2018 - 19


First Aid Hut 2018

This was donated by one of our club members and built by the level crossing. Its now used for the First Aid post on large events.

Speedy at Hagley Sep 1956.png

Speedy and Tommy Prime 2018

This Loco was hand built by Tommy Prime around 1956. It was donated to the club in 1974. This is the story of this loco and the recent refurbishment project in 2018 by Phil Davis


Engine Maintenance 2016

This project ran in line with the L&B club loco build. An extra road was built to the new steaming pit. We can now prepare the L&B and other club locos for steam up days.

We have had the Sm32 in operation now for the past year and it has created a lot of interest from members and public alike. Letting the children at the birthday parties have a go certainly has gone down well.


SM32 Layout Phase 2 2014 - 15 


Great Northern Rebuild 2013

This locomotive has done an incredible amount of work. It was built in 1997 and the club acquired it in 1999. The loco had received  very little maintenance, So in 2013 it had a full maintenance rebuild.


Hymek Rebuild 2012

This Loco was donated to the club by George Weedon. This had been a long awaited refurbishment and Naming of the now club loco. 


George Loco 2012

This Loco was donated to the club by George Weedon.. This loco was not much more than a wooden box on wheels. It was extensively rebuilt by one of our members in 2012.

It was decided that the increased complexity of the new layout would overstretch the existing system, which was run on a twenty years old BBC microcomputer. In 2012 it was replaced by a Siemens PLC. 

14 Display - Train just passed Gate.jpg

Signalling System 2012

This has been a long term project for the club from 2005 until 2015. Before we got to the stage of laying track there was a lot work done on finding the best way to replace the track. We looked at many way of doing the job, but we felt  "its got to look like a proper railway"

Low Level Track Project 2005 - 12

Track Project-027.jpg

Map of the site. Watch the Slideshow
It shows each phase of the build

Test piece of track from the station

A continuation from phase one to get us to pond junction

From the carriage Shed to the level crossing

The new Outer loop not on the previous layout. Complete new section

Continuation of Phase three from the carriage shed to Pond Junction.

Pond Junction. Taken out and replace in 3 Days

The inner loop

The final part. The Main Station

For some time the club has been considering having a garden railway. Alan approached new member Mark Dale who has had some experience building these. A proposal was then put to the board and was accepted at the meeting in March.

Coming up the inside loop.jpg

SM32 Layout Phase 1 2012 

The cement in between the blocks and track base had deteriorated over successive winters. It was considered that the most sensible way forward was to strip and completely refurbish it. 


High Level Track Rebuild 2012

All the tracks on the steaming bay were at floor level. Adding a lifter to the turntable enabled us to have high level steaming bay roads. This makes steaming your engines or generally looking at them better for the old back.


Steaming Bay Turntable 2011

We had a tin shed for many years where a man would sit in it and operate the points manually. Pond junction signal box was build for the new signalling system. The points are now electrically controlled with DC motors from this box


Pond Junction Signal Box 2011

To get a loco onto the high level was always difficult. Locos had to be manhandled across the low level track. A lifter was installed to enable you to reverse your car to a lifter., then over to the steaming bay by rail.

may 2011 lifter.JPG

High Level Track Lifter 2010

& Swing Bridge 2016


Roanoke Rebuild 2009

This Loco was originally a 0-4-0, but it is felt it needed to be a 0-6-0 Engine as this would make it more stable to drive.


Carriage Lifter 2007

This lifter was installed to our carriage shed. This enabled us to park all our carriages over two levels in our shed.


New Passenger Carriages 2006

After some time we came up with a simple design based on some coaches we were already using.


Why reinvent the wheel !!

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