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First Aid Hut 2018

by C Burrows, T Chritchley,

M Bentley, M Cozens


September 2018

One of our members decided he did not want his workshop any more. He donated this to the club in 2018. It is like a log cabin style building. It could easily be taken apart and reassembled.  It was taken apart labelled up and then transported the 2 miles to the club in several large cars. First of all base of 25 slabs was made for this to sit on. The rebuild of this took us a few weeks. We had to put some extra wood on the roof to make it more substantial. ​It was painted white inside and green on the outside. 

Quite often now you will see the gardening team taking a tea break sitting outside here.

First Pictures as it was before it was taken down and moved

The Hut is now used by the First aid team ( St Johns Ambulance) at speciel events.

As you can see the final picture it was painted green to blend in.

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