Frequently Asked Questions

about Little Hay Miniature Railway


Our organisation is a model engineering society NOT a commercial miniature railway. While we are pleased to welcome visitors when our site is open we do not guarantee that rides for members of the public will be available.


On public open days when no charge is made for entry, public running may be postponed or cancelled due to adverse weather or lack of members to operate the railway safely.



Q. When are you open?

 A. Please see the Programme on the Calendar page or check for a post on Facebook. On Public Running Days trains generally run from 11.00 – 15.00 unless shown otherwise.


Q. Do I have to be a member to visit your site?

 A. No, but you will be asked to sign our visitors book. This is to comply with our insurers requirements.


Q. How much is entry, car parking, the train rides?

 A. There is no charge to visit us unless the Programmed event is shown as ‘Ticketed’ on the Calendar page, in which case purchase of  tickets in advance via our  "Event Tickets ’ is advised, otherwise a donation would be appreciated.


Q. Where are you located, what is your post code?

 A. Balleny Green, Little Hay Lane, Lichfield. WS14 0QB


Q. Will I / my children be able to have a ride?

 A. On days shown as public running on the Programme of Events page train rides will be available. At other times rides may be available however this is not guaranteed and is dependent on weather and having sufficient members available to operate the railway safely.


Q. Can I bring a picnic?

 A. You are welcome to bring you own food and drink. The consumption of alcohol is prohibited. We would ask that you take your rubbish home, as we have no collection service from the council.


Q. Can I bring my children?

 A. Yes, but you will be responsible for their supervision at all times.


Q. What part of the site can I visit.

A. Certain parts of the site are not open to visitors and you should restrict yourselves to the station area and main field. Access to the elevated track station and the garden railway is via the footbridge. Please be aware that vehicles and maintenance equipment may be in use on the site.


At NO times should you approach or cross any of the railway track unless under the supervision of a club member. Your safety and enjoyment during your visit is our main aim.