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Passenger Carriages 2006

by Gary T, Steve W, Steve H, Dave M

After some time we came up with a simple design based on some coaches we were already using.

Why reinvent the wheel !!

There were many new improvements added in to the new trucks, like all parts been interchangeable, air brakes on all coaches been the main improvement. The coach bases are press steel sides  with tube and plates welded in side.

The bogies are laser cut plate of 6 mm thick welded together to form a frame to hold the pair of wheel sets or (two axles 4 wheels and 2 disc brakes)

Building the Bogie

Bogie 01. This is the main set of parts to make the bogie frame, Left to Right.: 2 side frames with frames stiffeners welded on, centre bolster plate, Brake assembly plate, 2 cross beams

Bogie 02. The 2 side frames have 2 spacing jigs fixed in, this keeps all thing square and in place. At the right hand side you can see a cross beam held in place by magnets while the cross beam is welded in, this is all done on the other end.

Bogie 03. The brake assembly plate is clamped in place on the bottom, the frame is turned over and the brake assembly plate is welded on to the side frames. The bottom plate came be removed with the 4 bolts this will drop all the brake assembly off for repairs.

Bogie 04. The Bolster plate is put in place and tacked welded at each corner, Then the frame is turned on is side and a 2 full length weld is put on the under sides of the plate one to each side frame

Bogie 05. Hey presto one bogie frame welded up, 22 needed for this project

Bogie 06. As you can see yours truly has been busy with the welded over the last few Sundays mornings.

Bogie 07. Yes nearly finished this bit of the job?   

Bogie Parts an Building

Each bogie will have all these parts assembled on to the welded frames. These are all the parts laid out to show what fits where. 

These are the brake parts, they all fit on to the plate which is bolted on the bottom of a bogie frame. This way the plate can be removed for maintenance very easy and it will have all the brake parts on it. 

We have lift off ! 2 Lads John & Ray  have started to assemble the bogies for the trucks and hopefully in the near future we will have all 22 of the at this stage, many thanks lads Another mate Adrian has taken the brake gear assemble home to do the work . Some of the new bogies which are hot of the production run.

A finished bogie.

When I have more information on there build after the welding I will up date you. I know the frames after the welding went away to be chemically black to stop the rust. The CNC turned wheels were pushed on to there axles, and the bearing where slid on and fixed in place.

The Passenger Body

These bodies are based on some old ones the club have been using, again life is too short to reinvent the wheel every time you do something that works OK.  We did some improvements like add some foot rest for the kiddie winks so they have somewhere for there feet to rest on.

There are 2 steel pressing and 2 buffer end plates with some steel tube which is all welded together. They are welded  by a welding /fabrications  company  and then they go away for powder coating black, in our case. Then they have all the air tube and electrics fitted by Garry and they we all deliver as shown in the photos.

As supplied from Garry All on site awaiting  bogies and seats. An up side down body.   With it on the track with bogies under it. Sorry about the dirt on the truck top. This is how we are holding the seat part on to the carriage 2 Stainless steel clips each end and a "R" pin to stop the been unclipped. To the right of the first left hand clip is the air union for the brakes. next is the tow coupling. Then the electrical socket. You can see 2 more square hole below the towing coupling one of these is for 5" gauge locomotive to couple up to these trucks.

Completed Carriages

After 12 months we have 6 completely new carriages and 2 of our old ones refurbished with new top seats, new bogies with brakes and of cause a few coats of paint (this was not none drip paint, and none drying and took 3 weeks to go off). The new 6 carriage have a different make of paint on.   There are still another 4 carriage to be done!