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Low Level Track Phase Seven / 2010
Replacing the Inner Loop

Now that Pond Junction had been completed this meant all the trains now would run around the new Outer Loop.

We then could take up the inner loop and replace this.

We made a start and had to make a level crossing over both the inner and outer tracks. This is to enable us to get the lawn movers or heavy equipment over the tracks.

Its funny now we are getting near completion that we have more pictures of how we went about it.

September 2010

October 2010

The level crossing is nearly complete. We just started to lay a new track bed and heading up the hill to the top.

Nov 2010 Dec 2010.


Work now put on hold for Setting up the site for the usual Bonfire night and Santa Specials


January 2011

Continue with the laying of new track bed and track on the inner loop.

You will see several pictures showing the new signalling system being installed. This is where we have dug under some of the trackwork.

February 2011

As you can see there are leaves on the line. We continue around the hill.

March 2011

Some interesting pictures here. You can see the mobile workshop running around on the track, Panel making bench

Also see the wiring going in for the new signalling equipment.