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Low Level Track Sleeper Replacement 2024
Several conversations had been talking about our wooden sleepers. Currently we have been replacing these on a one by one basis. However this seemed to be a slow process. A survey was done by David Mosley and presented in the Oct 23 board meeting.

Mark Dale offered to head up this project.

Low Level Track Sleeper Replacement Report- Dave Mosley. Oct 2023


Outer track from gate-to-gate 1200 Feet. Average sleeper gap 10 inch. = 1440 sleepers

  1. Inner Track from end of plastic section to station 750 feet. = 900 sleepers

  2. Sleepers counted rails from inner to outer sides, etc. = 212 sleepers

Cost of 50mm * 50mm * 3Mtr Length of composite lengths from www.cladco priced at £21.04.

3Mtr length cut 6 sleepers 50cm long. 21.04/6 makes each sleeper £3.50 each.


Total number of sleepers required. 2552 * £3.5 = £8,950.


The total budget of £9,000 was accepted as a project to be done over the next few years. It was proposed that initially around £500 worth of sleepers would be purchased for work to start in the New Year. This will be on the outer loop from Just after pond junction crossing to the bend at the top of the hill.

by Mark Dale Clive Burrows

Thanks also to a small team of members for their help completing this

Sunday 14th Jan 2024
Lets make some sleepers

Sunday 4th Feb 2024
The site was surveyed by C Burrows. there is a gentle slope of 46mm in 4 meters.
A height difference of 605mm in just over 60 metres
That's it, Track was lifted out in a Day

Sunday 4th Feb 2024
Old Wooden Sleepers out and replaced with recycled plastic ones

Tuesday 6th Feb 2024
Not so many helpers today but we cleared some of the old ballast away.
See the pile of rotten sleepers

Sunday 11th Feb 2024
Cleaning the old Ballast in cage mixer with water