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Steaming Bay Turntable 2011

by xxxxxxxxx Alan Leary, Peter, Keith

Chris Greene, Mark Bradley 


The Turntable in the steaming bay had been the same ever since we put it in 1985. This was on ground level only having a spindle set unto the brickwork. 

In 2011 we decided to move some of the steaming bays to a sensible working height. To start off with we had to buy a scissor lifter and change the turntable into a lifting one. Once this was done the steaming bay roads were lifted up nearly two foot. 

There are mechanical safety locks in place as well as some electric features.

April 2011

April 2011

May 2011

We had to make sure it worked. Chris Green and Loco performing a load test.

June / July 2011

You can see the Cable connection ducting going in. See the low level steaming bay roads. Alan L making the high level roads. Chris G & Peter digging out footings. All this going on, trying to make sure engines could still steam up. Taking one road out of action at any one time.

The last two photos showing electrical connections to operate the lifter when it was in a specific position

September 2011