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SM32 Garden Railway phase 2 2014 - 15


by Mark Dale, Alan Duckworth, David Osbourne

Rod, Brian Dale

The SM32 Garden Railway phase 1 was built in the year 2012.

We have had the Sm32 in operation now for the past year 2013 and it has created a lot of interest from members and public alike. Letting the children at the birthday parties have a go certainly has gone down well. I would now like to propose to extend the railway, this will take the form of :-

Following the laurel hedge along the pond on boards constructed the same as the original layout this will be double track to the end of the hedge where we will create a loop, here the track will run on a concrete viaduct to the waterfall which it will then cross on a steel bridge, continuing on the viaduct round a right-hand curve going round the back of the bushes to run ground level for a passing loop & station, then continue on a viaduct between the gap in the bushes to meet back up with the boards to return back to the existing layout running double track.

Progress so far :-

Map below shows in Pink pahase 1, Orange is the proposed phase 2


Dave Osbourne has made the bridge to span the water fall & we have cut the wood to run alongside the hedge.

We are now in the process of making a mould to cast the bridge piers which will support the concrete viaduct. The next job will be getting the bridge across the water fall in the correct position.

The SM32 Bridge Pillars

A fibre glass mould has been made to cast the bridge supports. This was produced by taking an imprint of a mock up bridge support then breaking the mould off it, two of the sides released ok but the other two had a lot of plaster stuck in them that had to be jet washed out.
Next job was to bolt the mould together and make a casting the first one had a length of drain pipe in the middle this has now been replaced by a piece of foam to lighten the casting. We are now coating the mould in vegetable oil to make it release easier. Two down lots more to do! Our next job will be to fix the supports in place over the water fall and then carry on from there.

Rod helping make room for a pillar by the waterfall. Allan Mark & Rod doing a mock up with a new pillars. The new bridge as it should look.

Sunday 25th May 2014

Mark & Allan have been busy on another bridge arch We are getting to see what it is going to look like as well. Mark is busy painting the release agent on the wood Cooking oil. The two side in place been wired together at three points. Concrete in place. One more done. Three done many more to do!!! Looking good lads Checking the carriage will pass over it. The wooden mould  the inner concrete on a arch.

Saturday 7th June 

I am lead to be leave it rain with no intention of stopping as they worked. The bridge now in position not even the rain was going to stop us hence the cover.  After the sun came out. The concrete arches will fit into the recess on the pillar.

Tuesday 17th June 2014

Work has stated on the Y branch.  Rod & Brian preparing the capping stone. Arch in position this is where the point for the loop will come in. The track will come in from the left to join the main line coming straight down

Sunday 3rd Aug 2014

The pond hill climb section

Today the lads fitted the wood to the tops of the poles. There is a small raise in the track bed along this section

many thanks to Ian for the photos. Allan busy working on the top other two ? This is interesting a sprit level or two to set the incline. Allan after setting the incline. A piece of one inch thick wood set at the correct distance along the level.