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Roanoke Rebuilding to a 0 6 0 Engine 2009


By Chris Greene, John, Dave Smith,

Alan, Garry for Photos

You will have seen Roanoke running around the track. Originally a 0-4-0, but it is felt it needed to be a 0-6-0 Engine as this would make her more stable to drive. What we will be doing is stripping the engine down and doing some small modification to the tender by way of cutting some of the side sheets away to give better access to the drivers seat. The engine is getting some new side chassis frames, I new axle with wheels, Connecting rods to couple all the 3 axles together. Then a new Blue paint job.

The first job was to measure the frames and make some CAD drawing to get the new chassis frames laser cut. You can see they are there are no measurements on the drawing as they are not required by the laser cutting company.

This is Roanoke in bits, as you can see there is a lot under the bonnet

The frames are very heavy.What we are going to do is to use the buffer beams from the front and back the 2 axles with wheels, and all the top of the engine. The frames are bolted together, so we can do it this way and save time and money.

21th Aug 2009. At last we can make a start on the frames. We had to wait to get Roanoke out of service at the grounds so we could do all the work. I did not take any photographs of the old frames. But we now have all the bits welded onto the new frames, all ready to bolt the buffer beams back on. Then I will bolt the slotted plates which guide the axle boxes, and try all the axles in place with the connecting rods, That will be fun! heavy to say the one word!

The engine lug. The spring holder. and at the bottom is to hold the cross bar angle More latter on that.

The lug on the top is for the bonnet to bolt on to, So we can open the bonnet and tinker! like men do.You can see all the part now Bonnet lugs engine lugs.