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Great Northern Rebuild 2013

By Gary T, Chris G, Mark B

Mike B, Mike B, Alan L


This locomotive has done an incredible amount of work. It was built in1997 and the club acquired it in 1999. The loco  has received  very little maintenance, and this project was to be expected to last till about March. After further examination to the work involved this will not be the case. Key dates below show how it was done.

Jan 8th Looking in to rebuild at BG

Jan 15th Body windows cut out Bogies repair OR rebuild?

Jan 22nd Tuesday  looks like we need some new bits.

February Not many photos at all. The lads have been busy moving the oil cooler to the front of the locomotive.

March Mark is making a new control panel for the cab

April  Slow progress Chris Greene has replace the wheels and painted the bogies.

June Garry now has the body at his work shop.

July Work well under way on the body fitting a fan in the body. Bogies finished new petrol tack fitted at BG

October Great Northern had a test run at a birthday party and passed with flying colours less the body.

November seen the body return from Garry and fitted ready for Bonfire night

January 8th 2013

A start is made to see what is need to be rebuilt or repaired. As you can see all very untidy or in a state of needing some attention.

15th January 2013

Garry cut out the ventilators and windows on the body shell with his jigsaw - there now remains a lot of filing! - Also assisted, Mark B and Chris while Mark B removed the wiring loom and disconnected everything in sight! The bogies were removed, and it was then that the extent of repair/replacement became apparent. The front gearbox on the front bogie does not drive, and the prop. shafts have grooves worn into them caused by rubbing on the frame stretchers. The wheels are also very worn. This loco has done an incredible amount of work over the years with very little maintenance, and so this was to be expected. However, taking the bogies apart is no easy matter, as the wheels have to be removed before we can access the gearboxes etc. It is hoped to carry out this operation next week, weather permitting.

What is apparent is that the locomotive will not be back in service for many months - sorry Chris!!

22nd January 2013

Allan L, Mike B  & Mike B with Chris G working on the front axle gear box.

February 2013

Not many photos coming in on the project. The oil cooler has been moved to the front of the locomotive to make space and access better at the back.

March 2013

Mark has been busy making the control panel in the cab after finishing the move of the oil cooler