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Low Level Track Phase Three / 2008
NE Corner to the Level Crossing

After a few years of decision making we finally started Phase three in 2008. This was all about cost of the project the track layout and breakdown of sections of track to make sure over the next few years we can keep the events and trains kept on running.

This section of track is between the level crossing down to the NE corner and around to the point where we load and unload locos and carriages to the main track. As you can see now we have many more hands helping out on this project now. The new sections of track were built first then laid out over the old ones. Once all the panels had been made a decision to complete this section was made. 

Track layers and fitters include. D Mosley, G Tyso, A Leary, C Green, S Whitson, Ted. Mick

Saturday Sunday 8th/9th March 2008

After all the panels had been made, and the Tuesday lads had removed some of the track and the bed, We made a early start on putting it all back. This is where the Tuesday lads removed the track back to from the points. The lads have removed more track and are removing the ballast.

Looking in our track levelling mirror. You can just see it on the end of the track on the row above.

Finally cutting into the level crossing rails and connecting to the older track.

Chris Green was first around this new section of track to test it before the final ballasting of it.

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