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Low Level Track Phase Four / 2008

The New Outer Loop

Part 1

In the 3 phase we stopped at the level crossing. The lads have made a new level crossing and put that in place. Then they made a few panels to work around thought the cutting to a point which there had to be a new set of points been made a fitted in place.  Then we could work out all the new track lay out and make a start.

This section of track is the outer loop at the top of the field from the new point by the level crossing back down to Teds Junction by the dog kennel. This section of track is new addition to the existing layout. This meant we could work on this stand alone section without affecting the rest of the working.

At this point we start phase five / 2009

whilst phase four part 2 continues. you can either go to phase 5

or continue through phase four part 2 then got phase 5

Low Level Track Phase Four / 2009


Part 2

This section takes us from April 2009 to Jan 2010 to complete. Since this is n a completely new track bed a lot of digging out had to be done. This was to make sure the gradient up the hill did not have to go even higher to get to the top. There are a lot of photos of this section.

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