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7 1/4 Stafford Loco 10 Year Service 2023

by Mark D, John A, Steve H

Dave E, Philip D, Brian C 

The Service of this loco just took us 4 months to complete

After several years of service it was now time for the 10 year service of our Stafford Loco also known as Thomas.

We decided to take this out of service in our quiet months of Jan, Feb, & March. Work commenced with stripping the engine down which did not take to long.

Jan 8th

Jan 2023

The boiler had now been taken off and sent to Andy Walton @ Denver Light Railway Ltd for the boiler tubes to be replaced. This only took 1 day to do which is rather impressive. An improved fire grate can also be seen.

Feb 2023

With the boiler now returned several other items required attention. New riding springs were fitted. As with all these things it took several attempts before we were satisfied. New boiler plug fitted, new injector fitted, Lagging arround some pipework replaced. 

April 2023

The boiler had some wooden lagging fitted.

Apr 30th 2023

First test steam up. The team bringing the boiler up to temperature slowly. including teacup water filler cap.