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George Battery Loco 2012

By D Osborne

This loco was made by George Weedon for the use of training youngsters.

The small battery loco was mainly renovated and restored by D Osborne.

The only original parts to this maybe the wheels and the bonnet. The rest of it was a simple wooden chassis

The club had new frames made by laser cutting services, after this the budget for this was spent !!! . A second hand wheel chair motor was used (Alan L). The cab end and detail, motor controller was made and donated by (Dave Osborne). The man in the cab was an action man donated by (Mike B)

The new design for this loco was from the diesel loco Elizabeth on the island of Alderney. This is where Dave O got the inspiration about its shape and design even down to the mugs in the cab. 

Jan 2012

As it was before below. Left a wooden box and fibreglass Body. Right the start of the new cab end

March 2012

The new cab body now starting to take shape

March 2012

See the cab detail, I like the tea cups idea taken from the real loco pictures See further below

June 2012

An action man figure donated by Mike B, Clothes made to match the club Hi  Vis and Red Hat

The full name for this Loco was given to the Hymek "George Weedon", So this was simply shortened to "George".

Nameplates made by maxitrack.

June 2012

Ready to run. This is used by many members as a learning train