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Members Clothing

There are two Methods of ordering clothing

Option 1 Direct from the clubhouse

Option 2 Why not Order Direct from Whitsales

Only Available to the members who have signed up on the Whitsales website

Once you have signed up. Sign in and you should see our clothing

Orders will be delivered to the Clubhouse.

Enquiries   TEL: 01543 684334


Option 1 ask any director to place an order


Option 2 Direct 

Follow the above link to the login in page.

Click the button “I am a new customer”.

Enter your email Then click continue.

Enter a password of your choice and confirm it.

Type the answer to the sum in the box for human verification and click continue.

This will create an account and log you in. (This will send an automated email confirming you have registered your email address with us.  This is a standard email sent to all customers and is not confirmation that you have been granted access to the SCMES clothing range.).

Click the “Your account” in the top right corner of the screen.

This will take you to your account page.  PLEASE ENSURE YOU FILL IN YOUR FULL NAME AND THE COMPANY NAME AS SCMES.  (Without this information we cannot validate you are an SCMES member and therefore will not be able to grant you access to the product range.)

Once done click submit changes at the bottom.

Once you have completed the registration, please allow up to 48hrs for your details to be verified.

You will receive a further email confirmation email once your details have been verified.

Once verified your account will be added to the SCMES Customer group allowing you to view and order the range of SCMES club clothing.

To view the range simply return to our website and login into your account. 

Please note if you do not receive any emails, please check your junk, or spam folders before contacting us.


Many thanks


Mark @ Whitsales

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